Aviation Services


Antonov AN124 (150,000 payload)

Under our Aviation Services Component we will be able to cover many aspects as shown below:

  • One of the Largest will be the Cargo Chartering for Regular and Project Cargoes, through our contracted Marketing Agreement with an Australian Counterpart. We have a wide range of different Cargo Aircraft including the Giant “Antonov Aircraft” were previously utilized for delivering Relief Goods during the Leyte Typhoon Disaster.
  • Along with our Tourism Sister Company, “Liberty Call Philippines Corporation”, we will be able to offer Corporate Air Transportation, from Private Jets, Seaplanes, Helicopters and Fixed Wing Prop Driven Aircraft.
  • We have Agreements for Management and Marketing of Hangars for repairs, storage of equipment and Aircraft Parking Rental, Storage or Maintenance.
  • We identified and work with ground service providers for emergency and scheduled aircraft maintenance and turn-around services like refueling, tire changes, lube testing, sanitation services, and eventually to establish full service Avionics Shop.
  • We are planning to establish Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Teams that would be deployable and on site within a few hours.
  • As Training is another venue, we currently are working on an agreement with the Largest Aircraft Renovation Company in Australia and will be coordinating the export aircraft painters back and forth between the Philippines and Australia. As described earlier about the Mobile Teams Concept, these same Painters could be deployed to other countries as well. Our candidates will receive cross training in both places, will gain additional skills and accreditation, upgrading skills and receive technology transfer benefits while actually earning fair wages from their labor.

Ilyushin IL76 (45,000kg payload)


Antonov AN124 (150,000 payload)

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